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Rules and Requirements


Rox VTCorporation requires the person to be at least 12+ (11 accepted in some circumstances).
You need to be a good driver with less than 5 bans.
Minimum play for a month: Rox VTCorporation requires to be at least online and active on roads for a minimum of 1000 km a month, except if you alert us that you won't be very active because of a special circumstance (e.g. 3 weeks summer camp).
Social media: You need to have Discord to be able to join the Rox VTCorporation Discord server.


Rox VTCorporation Rules: You need to be calm and cool and not insult anybody in the VTC. You need to respect TruckersMP rules. If you join this VTC with a with a malicious action in mind, you will be banned from the VTC. You need to respect the requirements. If you don't respect the requirements, and we end up finding out, you will be permanently banned from the VTC. If you are younger than 12 (11 if accepted), sorry you cannot join this VTC.

Additional Informations

Rox VTCorporation (RoxVTC) ! Unlocking the future of trucking !
This VTC is calm and cool.
Minimum play kilometers is set to only 1000 km per month !
This VTC is aimed for people that wants to relax and not be stressed by the VTC they joined.
Main RoxVTC admin: Romanio0089
[email protected]: [email protected]
Twitter: coming soon
Discord: here